Experience You Can Count On

Kevin brings a strong financial background with a unique experience in accounting, banking and finance.

“We can’t afford to look back. The future is coming and I’m running to make sure Lee County is ready to lead and ready to prosper.”

As a member of the Sanibel city council and as mayor, Kevin led bold initiatives to strengthen the community. He cut taxes by 24% and increased the city’s reserves while reducing the city’s debt by nearly 74%.

A Budget Based on Principle

Kevin recognizes Lee County has taken significant measures towards balancing the budget, but now we need to put innovative policies in place that enable Lee County to rise to the next level of fiscal responsibility. This will enable our county to eliminate inefficiencies, keep taxes low, and pay down debt.

Restore Clean Water

Kevin has been a champion in the fight to restore our water quality. Clean water and a healthy environment are not items to debate — they are resources that we must work together to protect. Kevin understands the impact water quality has on our economy and our quality of life. He is committed to continue working with our federal and state governments to ensure our water quality is restored and protected.

Fast-Tracking Job Creation

Kevin believes the importance and impact that start-ups and small businesses have on our economy. That’s why he wants to continue to streamline new business creation as well as provide the tools necessary for established businesses to expand and hire new employees by simplifying or eliminating unnecessary government regulations that hinder innovation and prevent job creation, growth, and expansion.

Diversifying our Economy

Kevin knows that we are fortunate to have great industries like tourism and real estate, but he also knows that our long-term prosperity requires a diverse and stable economy. That’s why Kevin will become a leader to recruit new industries to Lee County to help guarantee we can continue to prosper even during tough economic times.

Growing Lee County’s Economic Base

Kevin Ruane believes in the future of Lee County and knows we can make tremendous strides forward guaranteeing that our future is brimming with opportunity and prosperity. That’s why Kevin will support our existing local business owners and help start-up entrepreneurs open their doors sooner and create jobs faster.

A Plan for the Future Generations

Lee County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state. Unfortunately, our infrastructure cannot keep up with the growth. Kevin will focus on long-term solutions that expedite the projects we need in order to meet the needs of our growing population.